Ebook: Imaginários do mar: uma antologia crítica. Vol. III

The ebook Imaginários do mar: uma antologia crítica: o mar ilustrado Vol. III, coordinated by Carlos F. Clamote Carreto and Luís de Sousa Martins, is available in open access.

Crossing records, sources and methodologies from different disciplinary territories of the social sciences and humanities, this ebook brings together textual and iconographic documents, visual arts, photographic archives and critical studies that aim to map the constitutive elements of an Atlantic maritime imaginary between the Middle Ages and the contemporary era. This volume continues two volumes already published (Vol. I – ISBN: 978-989-8968-04-3; Vol. II – ISBN: 978-989-8968-08-1), emphasizing, through the theme “The Illustrated Sea”, the dialogical relationship between text and image.

To read and download the ebook click here.

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