Luiz Fagundes Duarte is Professor at the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. As philologist expert, his publications and presentations have encompassed topics, and collaboration in projects for the critical edition of Eça de Queiroz (Contos, 1989, 2002; O Primo Bazílio, 1990; A Capital!, 1992, 2003, 2006; Alves & C.ª, 1994, 2003), Raul de Carvalho (Works by Raul de Carvalho, I, 1993) and Fernando Pessoa (Poems by Ricardo Reis, 1994; Message and Poems Published in Life, 2018); he is author of the critical edition of the Poesia de Vitorino Nemésio (four volumes: 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009) and The Poesia Completa de Antero de Quental (three volumes: 2016, 2017 and 2018); he directed the project for the study and edition of José Régio’s estate (JNICT, Project PLUS/C/LIN/815/1993), and dozens of masters dissertations and doctoral thesis in Portugal, Brazil and Spain. He published also books in the field of textual criticism, namely A Fábrica dos Textos. Ensaios de Crítica Textual acerca de Eça de Queiroz (1993), Do caos redivivo. Ensaios de Crítica Textual sobre Fernando Pessoa (2018), and Os Palácios da Memória. Ensaios de Crítica Textual (2019), and more than a hundred scientific articles in books and scientific journals; currently, he directs a new edition of the Obra Completa de Vitorino Nemésio. He was invited for courses and seminars in various universities and countries on subjects of Philology and Textual Criticism. [Scientific outputs]