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Workshop: Mystic and Healing Narratives

às 10h, na FCSH-UNL (sala Multiusos 2, edifício ID)

8 de Março 2016

This workshop will contemplate symbolic tales as expressions of the Collective Unconscious and their potential in healing wounds of the soul.

Shai Schwartz, a therapist and storyteller, will describe how Myth, fairytale and folktale hold within them  motives of the collective unconcious . He will also demonstrate how he harnesses these ancient traditional tales in his therapeutic work. Free entrance.

Shai Schwartz is a group and individual therapist originating from 30 years of professional theater as an actor, storyteller, playwright and stage director.

He is one of the guests of Moonluza's Seminar on Fairy-tale and Storytelling Therapy, which has IELT's support.