Memoriamedia in Público newspaper

LU.GAR Contado, a project by Memoriamedia and supported by IELT, was featured in Público newspaper.

This project has collected stories and popular knowledge over the last ten years. Once collected, these stories are transcribed and published on the project’s website. The article addresses the importance of collecting and transmitting these stories. According to Ana Sofia Paiva “The oral narration movement is not revivalist. The stories are not from the past. They are to build the future and above all to think about the present”.

Other members of IELT team are also carrying out research about oral narration, such as Maria Isabel Lemos, who is currently finishing her doctoral thesis, supervised by Teresa Araújo, entitled As novas práticas de narração oral e os usos da tradição: patrimonialização e narrativas de suporte memorial em Cabo Verde [The new practices of oral storytelling and the uses of tradition: patrimonialisation and memorial narratives in Cape Verde].

Full article here and video here.

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