The Maria Archer: Reflexos e Reflexões International Colloquium [Maria Archer International Colloquium: Reflexes and Reflections] will take place on January 24th at National Library of Portugal and online.

The colloquium is part of the international project Portuguese women writers during the military dictatorship and the Estado Novo in Portugal, Africa, Asia and countries of emigration, a partnership between IELT, FACES DE EVA (CICS.NOVA) and the Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires sur le Monde Lusophone – UR Etudes Romanes (Paris Nanterre University).

The initiative marks the 40th anniversary of the death of a remarkable writer and an outspoken woman for the Estado Novo, with several works censored and seized. The project’s database will be open to the public on the day of the colloquium. Entrance is free, but subject to registration through the email

Programme of the event here.

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