The Book Artisans and the Militant Spirit

On April 19th, Dr. Beatriz Peralta (Universidad de Oviedo) gave the conference Os artesãos do livro e o espírito militante. A Liga das Artes Gráficas de Lisboa [The Book Artisans and the Militant Spirit. The Lisbon Graphic Arts League] at Colégio Almada Negreiros (CAN).

The session, organised within the project dedicated to the binding, gilding and ornamentation of the book as an artistic practice, a partnership between IELT and Lisbon City Hall, had the participation of Dr. Helena Neves (Lisbon Municipal Archive) and Doctors Teresa Araújo and Luís Sousa Martins (IELT). In the final debate, there was a wide contribution from the public with around three dozen people present in loco and remotely.


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