The project’s main goal was to identify and index the main corpus of the fable in Portuguese literature from the Middle Ages to the contemporary period. The cataloguing of the fable covers a large part of the national fabulistic corpus, collecting occurrences of the various modes of its manifestations: of full text – inserted in collections, anthologies and other works – but also of partial use and in a paratextual context (prefaces, dedications, titles, characterization of the collections, references regarding translation and adaptation, and others).

The project História Crítica da Fábula na Literatura Portuguesa accompanies the Catálogo da Fábula na Literatura Portuguesa. In the twelve essays it contains, we analyse uses of the fable in Portuguese literature from the Middle Ages to the contemporary period, with specific emphasis on fables which, for different reasons, have occupied a prominent place in national literature or have acquired an exemplary nature.

The proposal of the project A Catalogue and Critical History of Fable in Portuguese Literature was evaluated by the FCT Evaluation Panel, which classified it positively and made a recommendation for funding (PTDC/CLE-LLI/100274/2008). The results of the project were evaluated by the FCT Final Evaluation Panel, and the Final Report was approved with the following observation “The expected scientific goals were fully achieved. The results show high scientific quality, namely in terms of publications in refereed international journals. The project contributed to the training of young researchers and to the international outreach of the team involved”.

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