The project’s mission is to systematically organize information, images and studies on Portuguese Modernism. It was born in 2011 with the treatment of Almada Negreiros’ collection, spreading then to the other authors and experiences of his generation, and remains active until today.

The project’s various objectives include: a) collecting literary texts and plastic artworks, as well as magazines and documents; b) disseminating articles and critical analyses; c) offering virtual exhibitions; d) exploring the international relations of Portuguese Modernism.

The project’s methodology, which allows for its continuity, consists of bibliographical research and document collection based on a team of specialized researchers.

This project focuses on the variety of information and essay approaches gathered. The project is funded by FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology and by IELT – Institute for the Study of Literature and Tradition of NOVA FCSH.

Team of researchers: Fernando Cabral Martins (Lead researcher), Giorgia Casara, Manuela Parreira da Silva, Mirhiane Mendes de Abreu, Nuno Ribeiro, Pedro J. Freitas, Ricardo Marques, Sílvia Laureano Costa and Simão Palmeirim Costa.

Partners include the National Library of Portugal, the Almada Negreiros Family, the Institute of Art History (NOVA FCSH), and the Open Seminar on the History of Ideas (NOVA FCSH).

For the future, open seminars will be organized, an archive of Almada Negreiros’ library will be published on, new modernist magazines will be published on, a textual archive of Mário de Sá-Carneiro will be published on, and an archive of Fernando Pessoa’s literary theory will be published on

Publications made within the scope of the project:

Ferreira, Sara Afonso; Costa, Sílvia Laureano; Costa, Simão Palmeirim. Almada por contar. Lisbon: National Library of Portugal, 2013.
Revista de História de Arte: Almada Negreiros. Lisbon: Institute of Art History, no. 2, 2014.

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