PhD in Philosophy from PUC-Rio (2024), with a focus on Aesthetics and Contemporary Philosophy, with the thesis Friendship of forms: the poem-essay in Marília Garcia. Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the Federal Fluminense University (2015) and Master’s degree in Philosophy with an emphasis on Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art from the same University, with the dissertation Forms of thought, forms of philosophy: A reading of The Essay as Form, by Theodor W. Adorno (2018), supervised by Prof. Dr. Pedro Sussekind and finalist of the Philosopher of Academic Excellence Award (2020). Was a Capes scholarship recipient during the doctoral program (2019-2023) and carried out a sandwich doctorate at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Capes-Print/2020-2021). Under the guidance of Professor Abel Barros Baptista, carried out a sandwich internship as a researcher at the Institute for the Study of Literature and Tradition (IELT – NOVA FCSH) developing the study plan Essay, another way of saying friend: Portuguese contribution to essay theories. She is the editor of the Alter (PUC-Rio/Brazil) and Dobra (IELT – NOVA FCSH) journals and coordinates, together with researcher Rita Basílio, the project On essay and essayism. As part of this project, since 2020, she has organized two international lecture series on the essay theme between Brazil and Portugal titled “Open Field – conversations about the Essay” and “Open Field: conversations about Essay and Art”. She is part of the FCT application teams for research projects: 1) LIBER ACT (2023.13060.PEX), proposed by Rita Basílio, and 2) Estranhar Lourenço (2023.12727.PEX), proposed by Pedro Sepúlveda. She is the author of articles published in Brazilian academic journals and book chapters, studying the relationship between thought and form in philosophy and literature, particularly regarding essay theories. She also served as a curator in the collective A MESA, which promoted exhibitions in its own gallery in Morro da Conceição, Rio de Janeiro, from 2015 to 2020. She is part of the Research Groups registered in CNPq: 1) Art, Autonomy, and Politics, coordinated by Professor Pedro Duarte and based at PUC-Rio; 2) The Eros of Critique, coordinated by Professor Patrick Pessoa and based at UFF; and 3) Poetry and Image, coordinated by Professor Patrícia Lavelle and based at PUC-Rio.