Irene Fialho

Irene Fialho has a Graduation and a Master’s degree by NOVA FCSH, where she defended a thesis entitled Popular e Popularizante nos Manuais Escolares do Estado Novo (Popular and Popularizing in the Textbooks of Estado Novo). She has dedicated herself to the study of the life and work of Eça de Queirós, regularly publishing articles on the author and his generation in national and international journals. She edited essays on Eça de Queirós A Morte do Diabo (2013), Eça de Queirós em Casa (2016) and the critical editions of Almanaques e outros dispersos (2011), A correspondência de Fradique Mendes (2014, with Carlos Reis and Maria João Simões) and Alves & Cia. (1994, with Luiz Fagundes Duarte). A member of the Cultural Council of the Eça de Queiroz Foundation, Irene Fialho served on the Board of Directors of FEQ between 2010 and 2019. Member of CLP of the University of Coimbra and CLEPUL of the University of Lisbon, at IELT is part of the team of Atlas of Literary Landscapes of Mainland Portugal project. [Scientific outputs]

Maria do Céu Estibeira

Graduated in Modern Languages and Literature (Portuguese/English) by Faculdade de Letras (Lisbon University), Master in Comparative Literature, and with a PhD in Literature and Culture Studies. Her research is focused on Fernando Pessoa’s marginalia and Fernando Pessoa’s writings. She has participated in multiple meetings and conferences in Portugal and abroad and she has published several essays in literary magazines and online papers. She is a member of IELT and “Estranhar Pessoa” team. She has been working as a teacher at secondary schools and at university. Meanwhile, she has been working as teacher in the programme of secondary teachers professional training. [Scientific outputs]

Cristina Mendonça

Cristina Mendonça is a Ph.D. student in Modern Literatures and Cultures at NOVA FCSH. Graduated in Languages, Literatures and Cultures – French and English Studies and Master in Modern Literatures and Cultures, major in Romance Studies at the same institution. In 2021, she published her master’s thesis in Le Manuscrit (collection «Extopies») Identidades artísticas e dimensões da écfrase: Construção da personagem-artista em quatro obras de expressão francesa, as a result from the 1st Prize of “Jeunes Chercheurs en Études Françaises et Francophones au Portugal”, organized by APEF (Portuguese Association of French Studies).

Mariana de Freitas Branco

Mariana de Freitas Branco has a degree in History from the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and is currently a master’s student in Women’s Studies at the same institution. Her interests include feminist theory, literature, and history. She is a research fellow of Portuguese women writers during the military dictatorship and the Estado Novo in Portugal, Africa, Asia and countries of emigration project of IELT.

Teresa-Claudia Tavares

Associate Professor of the Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Santarém. Head of the Department of Languages and Literatures. Teaching areas: Literature (Literary Theory; Modern & Contemporary Portuguese Literature) and Literary Education (Children’s Literature; Didactics of Language Development in nursery and kindergarten). Publishes in the area of gender and education. PhD candidate in Comparative Literature.

Ana Sirgado

Ana Sirgado completed her PhD in Traditional and Oral Literature at NOVA University of Lisbon in 2017. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow and team member in the project RELIT-Rom “Literary revisions: the creative application of ancient ballads (15th-18th centuries)” and she is also a Guest Assistant Professor at NOVA University of Lisbon where she teaches Portuguese Renaissance Literature for undergraduate programmes (2021-2022, 2022-2023). Her research interests include Portuguese Literature of the 16th century and traditional literature, focusing mostly on the pan-Hispanic ballad and on its relationship with canonical works of literature. Amongst other publications, she is the co-author of Romances Tradicionais do Distrito de Bragança (IELT, 2019), along with J. J. Dias Marques. [Scientific outputs]

João Barreiros

Research Assistant in the project VAST – Values Across Space and Time, in IELT – NOVA FCSH. PhD student in ISCTE-IUL. Holds a degree in Psychology (ISPA, 2010), and a Master in Social and Organizational Psychology (ISPA, 2013). Has been working as a research assistant in different research projects in the field of social psychology. His main research interest is prosocial behavior, in particular the relation between behavioral information and helping decision-making. He is also interested in cooperation, egoistic and altruistic motivations, empathy, and morality issues.

Ana Sofia David

Ana Sofia David has a degree in Classical Philology (Línguas e Literaturas Clássicas) and postgraduate studies in Education in the same area at the Faculdade de Letras – Universidade de Lisboa. She has a Master’s degree in Comparative Studies (Literaturas e Poéticas Comparadas) at the Universidade de Évora, with a dissertation about children’s literature and video games. Currently, she is a PhD student in Portuguese Studies (Estudos Portugueses) at NOVA FCSH, studying the poetic places of Daniel Faria.

Cristina Carneiro de Menezes


Cristina Carneiro de Menezes is a PhD student in Gender Studies with the doctoral thesis project entitled Escrita sócio-memorialística feminista: o impacto e os sentidos da narrativa de Annie Ernaux no Brasil e em Portugal. She holds a master’s degree in Women’s Studies by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in 2020, with the dissertation en-tited Escrita feminina e narrativa na construção da subjetividade e da identidade da personagem Lenù na tetralogia napolitana de Elena Ferrante. Also has a career as journalist since 2005.

Marta Carmezim Gonçalves


Marta Carmezim Gonçalves is a Portuguese Studies PhD student at School of Social Sciences and Humanities from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. After concluding the Master’s in Heritage, focuses on the scientific fields of Intangible Heritage, Ethnography and Literary Studies, having published several articles in scientific magazines such as Memoriamedia Review (2021) and Trabalhos de Antropologia e Etnografia (2021). Currently, focuses on Sacred and Historical portuguese legends about religious buildings and sites.