Marcelo Brice Assis Noronha is a researcher at IELT, in a post-doctoral internship, with the research project Quincas Borba and the machadian plot – imbrications: people, books, politics, and delirium, under the supervision of Doctor Abel Barros Baptista. He is a professor at the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT-Brazil) in the Social Sciences course – Porto Nacional-TO. Graduated in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG-Brasil) with a master and doctorate from the same institution. He Has experience in the field of Sociology, with emphasis on sociological theory, sociology of culture, sociology of literature, sociology of literary criticism, and culture. Working mainly on the following topics: Machado de Assis, Machado critique, art and society, aesthetics, literature, discourse, social thought in Brazil, development, power, and politics.