IELT wins exploratory project in the 2022 FCT call

The Spectrality: Literature and the Arts (Portugal and Brazil) project was approved for funding by FCT in the 2022 Call for R&D Projects in All Scientific Domains.

This exploratory project aims to promote a focused examination of spectrality in literature and the arts in Portuguese, with a focus on Portugal and Brazil. Mapping this subject in a largely unexplored context will allow our research team to (1) gather, systematize and analyze previous incursions into the topic, and (2) foster the comprehensive study of a ‘spectral imagination’ with an impact on the innovative reading of concepts, works and authors that have not yet been widely discussed from this perspective.

Clara Rowland and José Bértolo are the researchers responsible for the project, and the remaining scientific team is composed of Abel Barros Baptista, Amândio Reis, Humberto Brito, Joana Matos Frias, Joana Meirim, Margarida Medeiros, Maria Joana Melo and Pedro Sepúlveda.

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