Developed through a partnership between IELT-FCSH and IHC-FCSH with NOVA LINCS and DI-FCT/UNL, this application uses the repository of literary excerpts compiled and classified in the database of the project LITESCAPE.PT – Atlas of Literary Landscapes of Mainland Portugal, and constitutes a visualization tool with great potential for pedagogical, research, decision support and as a basis for leisure and tourism projects. Users search literary geographies through the names of authors, works and themes, and may also focus on territorial units (NUTs 3 or municipalities) or use the functionality “near me” (records of literary landscapes georeferenced around the user’s location).

The project invites application users to report errors and inconsistencies they find in the stored data, which remain in the repository due to lack of possibility of allocating human resources to the task of systematic correction and validation. It also encourages users to send photographs, sound recordings or short videos to enrich the descriptions of the places identified and to contact the project administrator to suggest pre-established routes.

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