PhD in Portuguese Studies, Specialization in Literature Studies, from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, where she presented and defended her doctoral thesis (2016) Saramago: escrever, interromper. Narrativas breves de José Saramago – problemáticas de um lugar discursivo, prepared under the guidance of Professor Silvina Rodrigues Lopes. In 2010, she completed a Post-Graduate course in “Contemporary Portuguese Culture: times, facts and authors”, by the Camões Institute, and has a degree in Social Communication (1986), by the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. Since 2018, she is an Advisor for the Museums area, at the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage, having developed several projects in this field between 2018 and 2020. She worked as Communications Director at the National Museum of Contemporary Art-Museu do Chiado, between March 2020 and September 2021, and is currently assigned to the State Contemporary Art Collection project. She began her career as a Senior Technician at Vila Franca de Xira City Council, where she took on the role of director in the areas of communication and culture for about 30 years (Head of Information Division and Director of the Department of Culture). In recent years her focus is on literature, arts and museology, more specifically, on the literature/art link. She has articles published in specialized magazines and has developed several installation and curatorship projects at the Museum of Neo-Realism.