PhD in Theatre Studies and Specialization in Theatre and Education and Intercultural Artistic Methodologies. She is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Évora and teaches in the Department of Performing Arts and Pedagogy and Education. Director of the Theatre Course. Conducts research in Theatre and Community as IELT member and collaborates in CIEP / UÉvora. Has been active as: Actress; teacher; trainer; Member of the Commission for Monitoring and Evaluation on Cultural field -DRCAlentejo (Theatre); Consultant and Developer of Drama Curriculum Guidelines in Primary and Secondary Education (Central Educational Office of Portugal; Coordinator and Animator of socio-cultural, educational and artistic projects. In civic and voluntary framework she is a member of the Board of Menuhin Association Portugal – Project MUS-E, the Portuguese Movement of Education through Art and Artistic Intervention; IDEA-Europe network (International Drama / Theatre in Education Association) and Ibero American Arts Education. [Scientific outputs]