I got my MA from the University of Lisbon in Comparative Studies, in 2015, with a dissertation on intermediality in the cinema of François Truffaut. In 2019, I finished my PhD in the International FCT PhD Programme in Comparative Studies (PhD-COMP), a joint programme involving the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, KU Leuven and the University of Bologna, with a thesis on spectrality in cinema with a focus on Portuguese filmmakers Manoel de Oliveira and João Pedro Rodrigues. I was a member of the University of Lisbon Centre for Comparative Studies (CEComp) from 2013 to 2021. During this period, I was awarded two FCT Scientific Research Grants in CEComp Research Project “False Movement: Studies in Writing and Film” (2013-2015) and an FCT PhD fellowship (2015-2019). While being a member of CEComp, I participated in different projects in the field of Interart Studies, dealing especially with film, literature, and photography. In 2017, I was part of the team that created the research project “RIAL — Reality and Imagination in Art and Literature”. In 2021, I was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship in IELT, thus becoming a full member and actively collaborating in the recently created project “Spectrality: Literature and the Arts”. Since 2022, this project’s team successfully applied for funding in the annual Call of FCT R&D Projects in All Scientific Domains, with the FCT Exploratory Project “GHOST — Spectrality: Literature and the Art (Portugal and Brazil)”. I am  the project’s co-PI. I was an Invited Teaching Assistant of Film Analysis, at the ULisbon School of Arts and Humanities (2017-2018). Since 2021, I have been an invited adjunct professor in ESAD-CR (Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha, IPL), where I teach courses related to contemporary art and theory. I have also been teaching courses on the NOVA Summer School since 2022. In 2021, I co-created the online peer-reviewed journal Compendium: Journal of Comparative Studies. I have been one of the four editors since its creation. I am also a photographer: https://www.josebertolo.com. [Scientific outputs]