PhD in Environment Sciences, and Investigator in food and environment at the National Institute of Biological Resources – (INRB) Lisbon (Portugal). She has expertise on Sociology of Food and has been Professor at University of Lisbon of ‘Sociology of food and environment’ (ISCTE), Consultant at Food and Nutrition Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization. Expert at “Groupe d’Experts sur les Denrées Alimentaires no Service des Politiques du Consommateur” of EC. Expert at the “Comité Scientifique des Appellations d’Origine, Indications Géographiques et Attestations de Spécificité Alimentaire” of EC; Researcher at IELT (Institute for the Study of Literature and Tradition – NOVA FCSH). Co-author and coordinator of several works, of which the following stand out: Tradição e Inovação Alimentar. Dos recursos Silvestres aos Itinerários Turisticos (2006, Colibri); Natureza, Gastronomia & Lazer (2009, Colibri), which won the Prix de la Littérature Gastronomique in 2010, awarded by the Académie Internationale de Gastronomie;  Algarve Mediterrânico. Tradição, Produtos e Cozinhas (2015, Tinta da china) that beyond of having been among the three best books in the world, 2016, Gourmand Awards, Yantai (China) won the Prix de la Littérature Gastronomique 2016, awarded by the Académie Internationale de Gastronomie in Paris. Vidas e Vozes do Mar e do Peixe (2018, Tinta da china); which was 1st in its category at the 2020 Gourmand Awards; her most recent book, as coordinator and co-author Alimentação, Natureza e Paisagem – Plantas Alimentares, Aromáticas e Medicinais (2022, Tinta da china). [Scientific outputs]