I was born in Lisbon 12.19.1970, I finished my degree in Portuguese Studies at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Lisbon in 1994 and the professional stage in 1996. I taught in primary and secondary school between 1996 and 1998. Between 1998 and 2000 was as Camões Institute reader at the University of A Coruña where, in 2007, I presented my PhD thesis entitled The Oral Tradition Modern Romanceiro Lexicon edited between 1828 and 1960. I am a professor of the Scientific and Disciplinary Group of Humanities at School of Education of Coimbra since 2000 and I have been developing research and I have been publishing works on the language specificities of the ballads of Portuguese modern oral tradition; about the importance of legends for the construction of the collective imaginary; on cultural tourism proposals based on legendary collection or in the presence of historical personalities in various locations in the West Region; about the possible new uses of traditional literature in the classroom context in Basic Education and in therapy sessions for people with cognitive impairment and on the neurolinguistic mechanisms related to the memorization and recitation of the traditional text. [Scientific outputs]