CEDANSA is online

The Centro de Estudos e Documentação Almada Negreiros – Sarah Affonso (CEDANSA) [Almada Negreiros – Sarah Affonso Study and Documentation Center] already has a website.

Created in March 2022, CEDANSA results from the protocol signed in June 2021 between NOVA FCSH and the Almada Negreiros family, which determined the deposit of the couple’s documentary archive at NOVA FCSH.

CEDANSA is associated with the Art History Institute (IHA) and IELT, and presents itself as the archive of two of the most important Portuguese artists of the 20th century. The Almada Negreiros and Sarah Affonso documentary archive consists of thousands of documents and is characterised by an extraordinary profusion of genres, including manuscripts, drawings, correspondence, library and photographs, among other documents.

To consult the CEDANSA website click here.

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